Git Move Commit to Another Branch: When working with Git, there are times when you may find yourself needing to move a commit from one branch to another. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as mistakenly committing to the wrong branch, or realizing that a commit is more logically suited for another branch. In this post, we’ll explore how to safely move commits to another branch using a few different methods.


Before proceeding, ensure you have the following:

  • A basic understanding of Git.
  • Git installed on your machine.
  • A repository where you can practice these steps.

Method 1: Cherry-Pick

Cherry-picking is a handy tool in Git that allows you to select specific commits from one branch and apply them to another branch. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can use this method:

  1. Checkout to the branch where you want to move the commit to:

git checkout 
  1. Cherry-pick the commit:

git cherry-pick 
Command Description
git checkout Switches to the specified branch.
git cherry-pick Applies the specified commit to current branch

Method 2: Interactive Rebase

Interactive rebase is a powerful tool that provides a lot more control in manipulating commits. Follow these steps to move a commit to another branch using interactive rebase:

  1. Checkout to the branch containing the commit you want to move:

git checkout 
  1. Start the interactive rebase:

git rebase -i HEAD~
Command Description
git rebase -i Starts interactive rebase for specified commits.

Method 3: Merge and Reset

This method involves merging the branch containing the desired commit, then resetting the head to move the commit to the intended branch:

  1. Checkout to the branch where you want to move the commit to:

git checkout 
  1. Merge the source branch:

git merge 
  1. Reset the head to move the commit:

git reset HEAD~1

Command Description
git merge Merges the specified branch into current branch
git reset Resets the head to specified commit


Moving commits between branches in Git can seem daunting initially, but with methods like cherry-pick, interactive rebase, and merging followed by a reset, you can achieve this with precision. Practice these methods in a safe environment before applying them to your projects to ensure a smooth transition of commits across branches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I move a commit to another branch using Git?

You can use commands like 'git cherry-pick' or 'git rebase' to move commits to another branch. Checkout to the destination branch, and then cherry-pick or rebase the commit from the source branch to the destination branch.

What does the 'git cherry-pick' command do?

The 'git cherry-pick' command is used to apply the changes introduced by some existing commits to the current branch.

Is it possible to move multiple commits at once?

Yes, it's possible to move multiple commits at once using interactive rebase or by merging and then resetting branches.

How can I undo a commit move in Git?

You can use the 'git reset' command to undo a commit move. It's advisable to use the '--hard' option cautiously as it discards all the changes in the working directory and index.

What precautions should I take while moving commits?

Ensure that the branches are up-to-date, and it's advisable to perform these operations in a clean working directory to avoid conflicts. Also, be cautious while rewriting history, especially in shared repositories.

What is interactive rebase in Git?

Interactive rebase in Git allows you to alter commits as they are moved to a new branch. This is useful for cleaning up commit history before merging changes.

Can I move a commit to a new branch?

Yes, you can create a new branch and then move the commit to this new branch using the aforementioned methods like cherry-pick or interactive rebase.

How do I handle conflicts while moving commits?

In case of conflicts, Git will pause the process and mark the conflicted areas in the file. You'll need to resolve the conflicts manually, then continue the process using 'git cherry-pick --continue' or 'git rebase --continue', depending on the method you're using.

What does the 'git reset' command do?

The 'git reset' command is used to reset the current HEAD to a specified state. It can be used to unstage changes, undo commits, and more.

Can I move a commit from a remote branch to a local branch?

Yes, first fetch the remote branch, then use the cherry-pick or rebase method to move the commit from the remote branch to your local branch.

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