Python provides a handy method called Sleep( ) which is part of time module. sleep python method pauses/suspends the python program for certain amount of specifed time.

Python time.sleep( ) is similar to shell sleep command. It accepts the argument in seconds/milli seconds.

Note: sleep method is part of time module/package in python 2 and python 3, so you need to import the “time” package.

Syntax of Python time.sleep( ):

Following is the syntax for Python sleep( ) method

time.sleep( t )


t – Number of seconds/milliseconds execution to be suspended.


Following example illustrates the exact usage of sleep( ) method.

import time 
# Print the start time  
print("StartTime : ", end ="") 
# using sleep() to pause the code execution 
# Print the end time  
print("EndTime : ", end ="") 


StartTime : Wed May 29 16:50:48 2019
EndTime : Wed May 29 16:50:53 2019

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