Top 5 Examples to find Python String Length using len()

Top 5 Examples to find Python String Length using len()

Length method len() is a ready made function available in python. we can use the len() method to find out the length of a given string, tuple, dictionary, array, list, etc.

In short notes as per the the python programming, len method returns the length of a given input character.




Value: the input value which you want the length of.

Return value:

len() method will return an integer value i.e. the length of a given input like string, or array, or list or collections.

Now let’s go through top 5 python examples to find the length.

Python Examples for len() Method

Find the string length of a given input in python

The following example code illustrates to find a python string length based on the given input character.

Here we are providing the desired the string using variable “input”, so the program calculates the total string length finally as output.

input = "Welcome to Python Tutorials of TraceDynamics"
print("The python string length is :", len(input))


The python string length is : 44

As per the output, the string length is calculated as 44.

Find the length of a python tuple

Here is the python program which finds the length of a given tuple input character.

tuple = ('Monday','Tuesday','Wednesday')

print("The length of the input tuple is :", len(tuple))


The length of the input tuple is : 3

Find the length of a python list

Here is the program which finds the length of a python list input.

list = ["Jim","Nick","Rob","Sam"]

print("The length of the input list is :", len(list))


The length of the input list is : 4

Find the length of a python dictionary

Here is the program which finds the length of a python dictionary input.

dictionary = {'Sam': 12,'Jim':14,'Smith':18,'Rob':28,'Shah':15}

print("The length of the input dictionary is :", len(dictionary))


The length of the input dictionary is : 5

Find the length of an python array element

array = ['Sam','Mike','Nair']

print("The length of input dictionary is :", len(array))


The length of the input dictionary is : 3

To conclude, in this python tutorial we gone through top 5 examples to find string length using python len function.

Keeping sharing tutorials and happy coding 🙂

Intraday Tips – The Ultimate Guide For Better Trading

Intraday Tips – The Ultimate Guide For Better Trading

Intraday traders experience higher volatility compared to a long-term financial investor. But, with the correct prediction, you can take advantage of the intraday trade decisions. So, here are intraday tips that will help to trade wisely.

Select liquid securities

You must be aware now that intraday trade includes investing in a mutual fund or selling a lot of shares around the same time when the market opens, for example, taking on the open position. But, for the exchange to perform these requests, there must be sufficient liquidity within the market.

Therefore, the primary intraday tip is to stay away from small-capitalized and medium-capitalized stocks that are not sufficiently liquid. Contrarily, your taking on request may not get completed, prompting you to accept delivery.

Moreover, abstain from putting all your money into one stock. Specialists suggest assorting your intraday trades over a bunch of stocks. Because this assists to stabilize your intraday trading techniques and limit the risk.

Fix exit and entry price

Various stock speculators and traders experience the purchaser’s false notions. This is the point at which the purchaser instantly needs to reconsider his choices after buying. The purchaser unexpectedly feels that the choice was not great at the time of buying.

Therefore, they might make an inappropriate choice when they have purchased a stock. To avoid these mistakes, you need to fix the entry along with exit price prior to taking the position.

Set a stop order level

It might happen that the shares you picked falls rather than rising on your trading day. In this manner, it is significant that you choose how low the shares can be permitted to fall even before you take on the position.

This goes about as a precaution and limits your risks. Most specialists propose this is a significant tip for intraday trade. Thus, the intraday tip is to invest in after inquiring about intraday calls (buying and selling recommendations) and fix a stop order level.

Whether you are new, it is perfect to get the fundamental 3:1 returns to the risk-reward ratio. This means the stop order cost — the cost at which you are prepared to exit when making losses — ought to be three times cheaper compared to the exit cost — the cost at which you gladly book profit.

Close the open positions

Close the open positions always. Numerous intraday traders decide to take shares’ delivery if the stock value target they had set toward the beginning of the day isn’t met. This is not really a good tactic.

All things considered, the stocks were purchased for intraday stock cash market trend and specialized investigation of the stock developments. They might not be a good choice for long-term investment over the short term to earn good profit.

So ahead of turning to delivery, take a gander at the intraday trading calls and the essential quality of the stock.

Book profit once the target is met

The key to effective intraday trading is high margins and leverages that traders appreciate. Leverages along with margins help enhance profits (just as losses). Therefore, abstain from being greedy by hoping that the cost will continue rising (or dropping, when you short-sell).

However, if there is a valid reason that the cost is probably going to move in the correct way, then change the stop order appropriately. Searching for intraday calls may be a decent alternative before you choose to modify the stop order.

Never test the market

You can never predict the movements in the market. Sometimes, you may discover that all the factors symbolize the bullish markets. Taking a gander at these, you may predict your stock to raise. However, the market chooses to differ and the stock prices don’t increase.

Bottom line: Never test the market. When the market isn’t sustaining some stocks for intraday trading, sell them when it hits the stop order level. Hanging on the stock expecting the market price will rise can expand your losses.

Research the targeted companies

One of the accurate intraday tips is when you have distinguished stocks by researching proficient intraday calls, ensure to inquire about them completely.

Discover with the help of an investment advisor or advisory company when the corporate functions are listed. These incorporate equity, acquisitions, alliances, bonuses, splits, and profit payments amongst others. These could end up being as significant as being updated regarding the specialized levels.

Time is important

Some other share market tips regarding intraday is never taking the position in the initial hour of the day trading. This is on the grounds that instability will, in general, be higher at this time. Numerous specialists incline toward taking the intraday positions in the early afternoon.

Pick the correct platform

Another trading tip is to pick the correct trading platforms. Intraday traders perform transactions often and accumulate small profits regularly. All things considered, it is significant for you to pick the correct platform, which enables rapid decision-making, implementation, and costs least intermediation.

Intraday trade rules

Keep following intraday trade rules. Market specialists suggest a couple of fundamental intraday rules for people. First off, they guide new dealers to abstain from purchasing and selling shares when the business sectors open early in the day. That is since organization stocks are normally unpredictable in the primary hour of a day.

Also, specialists consider that new dealers ought to put resources in modest quantities to try things out first. So as to beat the instability of the commodity market, it is convenient to have foreordained strategies and adhere to that. For example, having distinct entry along with exit prices can be valuable for every intraday trader.

It is essential to close every open position. Intraday brokers regularly neglect to do as such because of dread of booking losses. But, it is commonly a trustworthy choice to close the positions regardless of whether the target isn’t accomplished.

The procedure for selecting stocks

Intraday dealers frequently choose stocks relying upon the size of trading. Usually, it is smarter to choose stocks when the size of trading is huge. That is provided that the trading’s volume is huge, prices normally move upwards as well. Volume is the total number of times an organization’s stock is exchanged at a specific time.

A stock’s opposition levels are convenient pointers as well. Purchasing a share when it breaks its resistance level and moves upwards is typically a decent time to select stocks.
Also, watching the news is significant for intraday traders. It is convenient for keeping tabs on the top losers or gainers of the week. They can reveal to you how various stocks have been doing over a specific timeframe.

Intraday brokers consistently face risks that subsist to buy and sell. Price instability and varying volumes are a few factors that influence the stocks chosen for positional selling. In a perfect world, traders ought not to risk more than 2% of their capital on one trade to guarantee the correct risk management.

In any case, the longing to earn higher gains propels traders for risking more. So as to balance the taken risk, whilst getting more significant returns, the above-mentioned intraday tips are our observations for a discipline trade.

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